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Looking for the perfect area rug to make a room special?

Our showroom features more than 60 area rug collections. When it comes to rugs, the choice is endless. Rugs are a natural partner of wood and smooth floors. If you wish to show off a beautiful wood, tile, or other hard surface floor, put a rug on it -- room-size or any size.

Rugs are desirable for many reasons. You may want to create a certain period which could not be done authentically with wall-to-wall carpet. You may like the idea of being able to turn a rug to distribute wear, or appreciate the economy of having no installation costs. Or, you may anticipate moving and, of course, want to take your rugs along. Rugs are also good insulators and sound absorbents.

Area rugs give both consumers and designers many options and opportunities for personal expression in a large variety of ways. Today's consumer demands high quality and a great variety of choice, and rugs are frequently the answer to numerous decorating needs.

Area rugs direct the character, style, period, and ambience of a room.

We offer the finest collection of broadloom carpets for commercial or residential requirements. We stock over 30 broadloom carpet collections encompassing a variety of styles and shapes from the truly classic to the ultra contemporary.

The benefits of broadloom carpet include:

  • High aesthetics
  • No visible seams
  • Provides great comfort underfoot when installed with proper padding















Carpet tiles offer versatility, high performance criteria and a range of design options limited only by the imagination. They are ideally suited to areas where raised access flooring is installed ~ as they can be individually lifted, causing a minimum of disruption. Moreover, worn tiles, at high traffic points, can be easily replaced, either by new tiles, or by unworn tiles taken from the recesses of the carpeted area.

For project specifiers, designers, architects and consultants, carpet tiles are more straightforward to work with than broadloom carpets, as it is easier to estimate and calculate the required floor quantities and floor layout plans, based on the standard 50cm x 50cm size of the carpet tiles. To see all the carpet tiles project we have completed please click here.

For installers and contractors, carpet tiles are more convenient to transport on the road and into tight elevators or narrow stairs (especially in newly constructed buildings where the elevators may not yet be not operational).

Carpet tiles are an ideal floor covering in all rooms both at work and at home. Hard-wearing, practical and versatile, there are many colours, patterns and textures to choose from. Add to this the easy cleaning and fitting, and you have the perfect solution for all your carpeting needs.

Whether you are looking for a tough, hard-wearing carpet for a busy office or a warm, colourful design for your home,we have a great choice of tiles for your selection.

All our products are tested to conform to industry standards for wear, flammability and static protection and, when installed and maintained correctly, will retain their excellent appearance for many years.

Please contact us for free sampling service. We have sample packs containing small sections of actual tiles so you can compare the colours and patterns to your existing or planned decor.
Meanwhile, please do preview our current ranges here: Miko, Mezzo, Mirage, Mascot, Melody 1, Melody 2, Melody 3, Matador 1, Matador 2, Matador 3, Mandate 1, Mandate 2, Mandate 3,, Manhattan, Matador1, Matador2, Mont Blanc, Monte Carlo, Mezzo, Modus 1 - Triones,, Modus 2 - Libra, Modus 3 - Antarctica, Modus 4 - Polaris, Torpedo, Toscana, Trento, Tango, Tiffany, Tradewind and Tera Nova Oregon, and choose one that matches your interior design plans. We also have some new indent nylon tiles the "TRF Series".

Key Benefits of Carpet Tiles :

* Easy to install
* Less disruption while being fitted
* Less waste

Our Carpet tiles are:

* Ideal for all rooms
* Hard wearing
* Easy to clean
* Stain resistant
* Anti-static
* Anti-bacterial
* Flame resistant
* Simple to fit
* Versatile
* The perfect solution

Why Use Carpet Tiles:

The advantage of carpet tiles is they can be loose laid: this means you can move them around from time to time to distribute the wear evenly and replace individual tiles should they become damaged. If you spill something, you can simply remove the affected square, wash it clean and leave it to dry flat, away from the direct heat, before replacing it.

Usage: Carpet tiles are easy to lay. They are available in a variety of fibres, surfaces, and colours and are usually mottled or plain.; you can achieve a pattern or chequerboard effect by using different colours together or by laying tiles of the same colour so the piles run at right angles to each other - or you can make a contrasting border. The backing is ..

Sizes: Carpet tiles are widely available in 500mm (19½ inch) squares, so four of these will cover one square metre.

Estimating quantity: Since there may be a variation in shade between different batches, buy all you need at the same time. Even so, it is a good idea to open several packets of tiles and mix them up before you lay them so any slight variation in shade is barely noticeable.

The sizes available make it easy to calculate the quantity you need. Make a plan of the room on squared paper and work out the area to be covered.

Note: Carpet tiles will stand up to a great deal of heavy wear and are particularly suitable in a child's room. They are easy to look after since you can clean or replace individual tiles. The best way of equalizing wear on tiles is to move them around at regular intervals














We stock a wide range of carpet accessories and tools for your installation needs.

Extend the life of your carpets with quality underlay.

It is important to select a suitable underlay for your carpet. A good underlay under your carpet not only gives it a more comfortable feel, it also extends the life of a carpet as well as insulating against underfloor draughts.

The underlay you choose will depend on the use and the amount of traffic in the room. Heavy-duty areas such as the hall and stairs would require a more durable underlay than a bedroom or living area.

Duralay is recognised as the market leader in carpet underlays in the U.K.. With a tradition that goes back more than 200 years, the company is established firmly as the leading underlay specialist, both in the U.K. and throughout the world.

Duralay has applied its expertise to the development of sponge, crumb, latex rubber and felt underlays, making it the world's only universal underlay manufacturer.

Allied to the greater flexibility of the rubber underlay manufacturing process, Duralay can offer an underlay from its own range which is specifically suited to any individual contract requirement.

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